Our Story

Harlow Ranch Bison Company was born out of a need to use livestock to regenerate the soil on the ranch and a love of the majestic American Buffalo.

The ranch has been in the Harlow family for 100 years and we are thrilled to be living here and putting love into the ranch. Over the years they have raised sheep, dairy cows, pigs, and beef cows, and now we are raising bison in Thompson Falls, the heart of Sanders County Montana.

The goal with the bison is to regenerate the ranch from the soil up. We are studying agronomy and large animal husbandry and learning so much so fast. We are using different crops to increase soil health and nutrients. More nutrients in the plants will raise healthier animals and make more nutrients in the meat we sell. Currently they are fed grass, hay, and “range cake,” which is a grain/alfalfa bison pellet. The bison are so cool and have such personality, it’s hard not to spoil them rotten.

Not  If you would like to see the bison, contact us to arrange a ranch tour.

Adam Anakalea and Melinda Harlow Anakalea raised livestock on a small scale in Hawaii for the past 10 years and moved to Montana early in 2019.

Brad Pierce has been hunting, fishing, and photographing the Harlow Ranch for 25+ years. He has been managing the hunting operations on the ranch for 10 years.

After visiting a few bison ranches in the fall of 2019, we joined the Montana Bison Association and attended their winter conference in January 2020. With incredible inspiration, support, and education from the association, we were able to get into business before the spring calving season. We started with 18 bison, had 4 calves in 2020 and added a few more from different herds. We are up to 24 cows and nearly 60 total in the herd. We use Superior Meats and Clark Fork Meats for bison processing. Both are state inspected plants with excellent quality standards.

We have meat available in all your typical cuts, by the pound, or by the quarter bison, or create your own custom package of steaks, roasts, and burger. We also carry specialty cuts like tongue, brisket, heart, and liver.  Order your meat and have it delivered within the local area, or pick it up at the ranch. The local delivery area is essentially a three hour radius from Thompson Falls. We cover from Spokane to Missoula, Bonners Ferry to Moscow, and also Troy, Libby, and Kalispell. We are perfecting the shipping process to ensure the quality of the meat. Contact us to see if we can ship to your area. 

In an effort not to waste any of the animal, we will be offering bones and hooves for dog chews and skulls for home decor. We also use the hides or get them to someone who can use them.