Slow Cooker Bison Box


  • Perfect for slow cooker nights
  • Create a delicious, tender, protein-packed meal
  • Stews, Soups, and Broths
  • Natural, humanely raised bison


  • 2 Petite Bison Chuck Roast (approx 1.5#)
  • 1 Bison Rump Roast (approx 1.5#)
  • 4 Bison Round Steaks (approx 1#)
  • 1 Bison Bone in Arm Roast (approx 4#)
  • 2# Bison Broth Bones

Use your slow cooker or your insta cooker to create a delicious, tender, protein-packed meal. Stews Soups and Broths made with natural, humanely raised bison from a holistic regenerative ranch.

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