Darkness Falls

As darkness falls on 4/24/20 the sadness of the day comes back. Our first born baby bison on the ranch didn’t make it. The hopes and dreams and plans and momentum, stillborn.
I think of the hopes of the nation, of the world, the plans and dreams and the lives cut short because of the virus… The Great Depression of 2020 is looming, and depression wants to take us and knock us out, hold us down until we just give up.

My son messages how sorry he is and says, “Good times are right around the corner.” Who raised that kid to be so dang positive? I’m reminded of the quote, “The sun is always shining behind the clouds.” While it is scientific and factual,it’s a reach to feel that right now.
The world is in such a dark place. There has been so much loss and disappointment, sickness and death, fear and sadness. My lifeless little bison burial pales in comparison to the world of NYC or Seattle, but it connects me in a way and it totally expands my compassion.

A little boy in Montana celebrated his birthday yesterday by putting cupcakes on a table on the sidewalk for whoever walked by because he couldn’t have any friends over. That tugs at me. To be an overcomer, to give in the face of disappointment and loss. How can I be more like that? How can I give more?
Spring is here and it’s time to plant and grow. There will be more birth and more death. That’s the cycle. The sun is setting on this day and it will rise anew in the morning. Just don’t give up.

Harlow Ranch - Darkness Falls